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The ark digital technology Co., LTD. Was established in 2005 and started to benefit was, guangzhou office, later renamed archives mouths with electronic, 08 xiang registered for the ark digital Co., LTD.!!!!! The company is located in guangzhou golden bridge on the second floor D213 files, D215 computer city ever since its establishment, and peer together for liquid crystal industry hard, the integration of resources, obtained the field the consistent high praise! The company mainly engaged in electronic and related products, products include LCD shell < 10.4-42 inch TV/PC/DVI >, LeHua liquid crystal drive board < > LeHua authorized dealers, and high pressure, power supply, flooding the screen line, LCD TV and its neighbour accessories, PC, which is home to provide reliable quality varieties IT company to complete the product service. The company is committed to integrating win-win, guangzhou is the most, quality and cheap LCD accessories, excellent service and the only a liquid crystal accessories company!!!!! Thank always support the ark of digital friends and from all walks of life colleague! Welcome new and old customers visit consulting and purchase!!!!! Looking forward to your call!!!!!f